Our Technology

We tore it apart and put it back together. This time it’s better.

Illustration of some abstract figures: A big square in the left top corner, which takes one thirs of the illustration. An azurblue dot in its left bottom corner. Another square with one fifth of its size crossing the right bottom corner. It also has an azurblue dot, but in its middle. A horizontal rectangle below the big square, with a dot in its left. On the right side of the illustration some small and loose crosses, dots and x's flying around. Colours are azurblue and salmon pink.

Businesses have always been dependent on a handful of data providers to reach their target groups. But before it can mine any value it must sift through a lot of dross. Added to which there’s the cost of storing consumer data with the risk of having it breached. With polypoly, businesses can go directly to the customer for higher quality data stored securely on their device.

Illustration of a big cloud with the title "Your Infrastructure" and the subtitle "Still meaningful, as it will connect your backend systems and web infrastructure directly with your customers." Below the cloud there is a bundle representing data storage, below that there is the title "Edge Infrastructure - the polyPod" and an explanation what the polyPod is doing: "The polyPod is a small distributed data center that provides a resource dense mid-point between Edge devices and corporate systems.". Below there is another Grafik with some kind of structural tree coming from the storage cloud and contributing data to subbranches in forms of icons: A watch, a computer, a camera, a game controller, a car and a smartphone. At the bottom there is text again. A title "Edge devices with polyPod features" and an explanation how it works: "Realtime data processing within device based features provided by the polyPod. User data which is collected or imported always stays on the device.".

After three years in development, we're ready for primetime.

Attempting to change the data economy is not for the faint of heart. It requires a deep understanding of national economies. And of course there's the law. The vision required to deliver on the technology must be as comprehensive as the technology itself. That's why polypoly has assembled a seasoned team of economically active and tech-savvy experts to tackle one of the biggest problems on the internet; a fundamental change in how data is gathered, exchanged, and secured.

First we invented the technological base – the polyPod. It’s an app that can be downloaded on every device. Think of it as a tiny embedded operating system on which users can install features and functionalities. The polyPod extends the cloud by moving private data to the edge … the users’ devices. There it sits, safely stored and increasing over the user’s internet journey.

Desktop, laptop, mobile, fridge

The speed of light is rapidly being outpaced by the speed of data. It’s not just increasing from our various interactions on the internet. We’re watching it explode from our household appliances and vehicles. Our data needs to be stored and managed securely and it can be monetised with polypoly. The polyPod enables users to link their devices into a mesh network, controlling all of their personal data.

Illustration with a black left Hand holding a smartphone with the p-brand of polypoly on its screen.

What's in it for business?

Customer Engagement

Direct connection to customer energises your business results


Real-time engagement deepens relevant customer relationships

Build Trust

Handover control of personal data builds trust


Staying on top of data privacy regulations lowers risks and costs

Verified Customer Data

Access to verified customer data reduces ‘know-your-customer’ costs

Data Integrity

Maintain your data integrity