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It takes two to make a thing go right

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In the business of technology, business and technology must work seamlessly together. Our founders have proven experience on both sides and a shared vision.

A great person once said, "Some... see things as they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not." we agree.

Meet The Suite

polypoly has assembled an international team of computer scientists, open sourcers, nerds, and number crunchers. Everyone is  focused on tackling one of the biggest problems on the internet: A sea change in how data is gathered, exchanged, and secured. As different as everyone is from one another they share one common trait: Values-driven excellence.

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Photograph of Christian Buggedei

Christian Buggedei

A self-described ornamental hermit and specialist for human-geek relations. Working in IT for over twenty years, he now helps people to get the most out of using their technology. He takes care of the development of our products.

Photograph of Felix Dahlke

Felix Dahlke

Felix likes to work with both – people and machines – to build stuff that matters. He was CTO of eyeo where he grew the organisation, as well as developing products like Adblock Plus, Flattr, and Trusted News. Now he overlooks our technology.

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Jessica Dittmar

Jessica is a marketing and strategy expert with twenty years experience who has spent an equal time as a social impact investor and startup mentor. Now she is spreading the word for us, all the while maintaining a sensitive regard for privacy.

Photograph of Lars Eilebrecht

Lars Eilebrecht

Lars is an IT security professional and open-source evangelist with more than twenty years of experience. He is one of the original developers of the Apache HTTP Server, and co-founder of The Apache Software Foundation. He looks after information security of all our systems and products.

Photograph of Mathias Maierhofer

Mathias Maierhofer

Mathias has ten years of C-level telco management behind him, including comprehensive stakeholder management. He has successfully worked on business transformation with M&A, digitisation, cybersecurity and IoT. Mathias is primed and ready for business development in regulated markets.

Photograph of Thorsten Dittmar

Thorsten Dittmar

Professional nerd, serial entrepreneur, impact investor and mentor. Thorsten began his career in the early 80s in computer science. His first company was a consulting firm acting in several countries. After a successful exit, Thorsten became an impact investor and worked as an executive consultant in the field of digital transformation with executives from European Fortune 500 companies.

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Our Investors

Nothing is certain, except change. polypoly is an idea whose time has come. We're grateful for the vision and support our investors have shared with us.

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